Sowillo IoT board reviewed – Lora, ESP32, Modbus etc.

The development IoT board is a universal tool for prototyping, a ready-to-use technical framework that helps you implement your own project. This IoT board offers a certain set of functions, which allows the developer to focus only on programming and not waste time on the hardware. In this article, we...

Sowilo Box and MQTT connect – example

IoT MQTT Panel for Android This article describes configuring Sowilo Box to be used with the IoT MQTT Panel application with pre-built firmware over a public MQTT server To Buy IoT SOWILLO boards: MQTT is a standard IoT protocol for data exchange between devices. It is very popular, lightweight,...

How to build firmware with patched ESPHome – Windows

This document describes how to locally build the latest Sowillo firmware for the Sowillo IoT board on Windows. Please contact [email protected] for any questions. Instructions for Windows. To Buy IoT SOWILLO boards: Build Sowillo firmware with patched ESPhome on Windows 1. Install python Chose the appropriate python version for your...

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