Sowillo Energy - Who are we?

Sowillo Energy is a technological company focusing on hot water management for shared multiuser systems with green energy being the primary source of energy. Sowillo develops easy-to-install IoT devices, that upgrade any thermal solar systems to intelligent ones.

IoT and Solar Devices

Founded in 2016, SOWILLO develops intelligence for thermo-solar systems. Starting from developing a POC system, now we have customers in both primary areas of interest and are a supplier of industrial smart automation systems.

Green water heating systems

Water heating is responsible for about 24% of the CO2 emissions in residential buildings making it a worldwide concern of top priority.

Demand for a clean source of hot water, especially for urban areas, is therefore well-recognized by governments, which already have started to develop regulations that encourages installations of green water heating systems, especially in the residential sector, where the problem is the current a very large one; there is no enough space on the building to supply all the energy to water heating for the building, from a clean energy source.

Sowillo Team

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