Sowillo IoT board


IoT board used for the smart home, solar-thermal controller, and many other automation projects


Do you want to monitor how much you spend on water heating? Tweak your lighting or add connect to a 433MHz smoke detector? Maybe, something peculiar to your needs? With Sowillo Box IoT you can!

This hardware revision is fully compatible with ESPHome (tab here to see the tutorial).

Our ultra-compact footprint board is mighty, packing:

  • A pair of high-power relays (250V 16A) to switch various devices, such as motors, valves, or even an electric heater;
  • Cheap 1-Wire DS18B20 family temperature sensors — as many as you want;
  • An AC current sensor — monitor power and detect failures in your appliances;
  • Rich connectivity with WiFi, BLE, LoRa, and 433 MHz on-board — for ultimate connectivity and flexibility;
  • I2C and SPI for hooking thousands of supported devices;
  • Serial port for monitoring and debugging;
  • Modbus for the industrial hardware you might have.

Multiple shields allow you to tweak your solution as needed:

  • Sowillo Box AC Power Shield (AC 85V-265V, with 3.6V Li battery backup);
  • Sowillo Box DC Power Shield (DC 7V-50V, with 3.6V Li battery backup);

For more demanding applications when you want to switch multiple devices (more than 2), please make sure to pay attention to our I2C relay board.

Power relays are located on the power shields, please choose the relevant option.

Lithium battery not included.

Sowillo Box - The Ultimate IoT Board explained video:

Additional information

Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 8 cm


Power shield

, ,



Ultrasonic Energy Meter chip



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